Posted by Kristen McDonald on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 00:27

Spring 2010: Frederick Reimers "The China Syndrome" Canoe and Kayak Magazine

2/2010: "The Last Descent" Elevation Outdoors

Fall, 2009 Zhu Tong "Jinsha River Great Bend Last Descent" China National Geographic. (in Chinese)

1/2009: "Rivers Last Breath," a film by the Epicocity Project on Travis Winn, China Rivers Project, and the Great Bend of the Yangtze River, debuts at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival in Nevada City, CA.

1/2009: China Daily Article "Rivers Less Traveled" on Travis Winn and rafting in China

XX/2008: McDonald, Kristen, Peter Bosshard, and Nicole Brewer. "Exporting Dams: China's Hydropower Industry Goes Global." Journal of Environmental Management. In Press.

12/2008: Kristen's China Review article "China's Water Resources: the Challenges of the Next Thirty Years," part of a special anniversary of Deng Xiaoping issue.

8/2008: Kristen's review of "China's Water Warriors" on (Andrew Mertha's book about dam building politics in China)

7/2008: Kristen McDonald, "China Rivers Project: Taking Brower's Vision to the Grand Canyons of the East," Earth Island Journal 

Spring 2008: National Geographic Adventure blog series follows the kayak stars of the Rivers in Demand crew through China

4/2008: Interview with Kristen with Beijing Science and Technology Journal (in Chinese) 麦可婷:漂流在中国的江河上(北京科技报)

1/2008: Craig Childs, "Kissing the Angry River," Men's Journal (on Salween River First Descent)

1/2008: Eugene Weekly Cover Story on China Rivers Project