What People are Saying...

Posted by Kristen McDonald on Fri, 09/11/2009 - 19:28

Here's what some of our trip participants are saying about China Rivers Project:

What happens on the rivers in Yunnan [China] affects large parts of China as well as Southeast Asian countries that depend on them. I think what China Rivers Project has been doing is particularly important to help safeguard water resources in the region. We share their visions and are proud to be a supporter of their endeavors.
-Roger Zeng, President, China Outdoor Retail Association

China Rivers Project is a small but effective group that has found a unique way to advance river conservation in China, despite incredible odds. With a focused mission and lean operations, they are building bridges never before possible. -Professor Robert Wilkinson, UC Santa Barbara

We owe you guys a big thank you for making [our Yangtze trip] happen, and for providing many services pro bono. This is a very exciting start and I look forward to many years of working together.
-Sun Shan, Shan Shui Conservation Center (Conservation International), Beijing

China is a country lacking usable water, and to protect rivers is to protect the water. China River Project brought people from various fields (officials, entrepreneurs, professionals, professors, environmentalists, etc.) and various countries to the river and made more people realize how precious and how fragile rivers in China are.
-Xiao Li, Senior Manager, Realty Company, Shenzhen, China