Rafting China's Mother River with "Yaoren" (VIPs)

Posted by Kristen McDonald on Sun, 03/28/2010 - 08:21

Great Bend of the Jinsha (upper Yangtze) RiverGreat Bend of the Jinsha (upper Yangtze) RiverOur recent trip on the Jinsha was a great success, though bittersweet due to the changes we witnessed on the river (see my last blog post). I've posted some pictures that Last Descent's guide-cook-truck packing mastermind-tenor Tan Jian Zhong took on the trip on my flickr account (with his permission of course.)

After the trip, some of the participants were immediately motivated to encourage their friends to get on the river, too. So with all the gear freshly washed and sorted, we've been called to the river again, this time to take a couple of China's wealthiest entrepreneurs and their families on the first half of the Great Bend. I am not sure if I can reveal their names yet in public here - but these are definitely big wigs. Think China's fifty richest people list; think founder of major Chinese search engine.

Needless to say, we're excited to be bringing these potentially very influential folks to the Jinsha River, to see its beauty and also witness the changes that are taking place there. Our trip is April 2-7, to coincide with China's "Tomb Sweeping" National Holiday.